2, January 2014


This season has been a tough one for Denilson and Sao Paulo as they had to fight and struggle just to keep a place in the middle section of the Brazilian league in the Brasileirao. Even though the season was mostly a downhill ride for the Brazilian club and player, Denilson is hopeful that 2014 will see a lot of changes and turns things around.

‘’Even on vacations we end up thinking about how it will be next year. And I’m sure that we will do differently to fight for titles again. We suffered a bit in 2013, but we will turn it up. Told the official website of São Paulo’’.

Denilson stated that he will spent most if not all of his vacations with the family as the Brazilian player got married some weeks ago and according to him, the remaining days will be relaxing with his family in Paraiba.

‘’I have to go the northeast to rest a bit, because I’m sure next year will be different. This is good time to enjoy time with the family and relax. I’ll stay a few days in Ceará, and then I’ll visit my family in Paraíba. I have family there’’. The midfielder said

The 25 years old midfielder appeared in 46 matches for his team in this past season but failed to find the net a single time which is sparking a rumor of Denilson being possibly transferred out of the club in the upcoming transfer window.

Nothing still is confirmed regarding Denilson and him making a move back to Europe as the initialy speculation was suggesting him to make a return to Europe where he once played with Arsenal in 2006 but with Jack Wilshere rising up to the stage, the playing time of Denilson was limited until he made a move to Sao Paulo.