14, November 2013


The manager of the Brazilian national football team, Luiz Felipe Scolari, has said that he will include the Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa into his squad for the upcoming couple of friendly matches against Chile and Honduras respectively.

Costa is a Brazilian-born footballer, but, since the last 6 years, he has been in Spain and a few days ago, he had said in one of his interviews that he is looking to represent Spain in international football.

After that, the Royal Spanish Football Federation requested to FIFA to allow Costa to make that move. FIFA is yet to approve it.

But, Scolari has made it quite clear that Costa is in his plans for the upcoming World Cup and he is going to pick him for the next two friendly fixtures of his team.
According to Scolari, Costa is a Brazilian player. So, Brazil has every right to pick him and Spain should understand that.

Talking to the reporters yesterday about the Costa issue, Scolari said, “I am looking to include him into the squad for our upcoming couple of games. We haven’t analyzed him that well so far and we want to do that now. He is a guy who can play a vital role for us in the World Cup.”

“Diego is a guy who belongs to Brazil. Yes, he has been in Spain since the last few years and has been putting up good performances over there, but, he is from Brazil and Spain should understand that fact.”

Costa has played a couple of matches for Brazil so far. Both of them were friendly matches and were played in March this year.

The 25 years old Atletico Madrid player fulfils the eligibility criteria to play for Spain and all he needs is the approval of FIFA.