10, May 2015

Podolski will be returning to Arsenal at the end of the season

Podolski has not impressed Inter Milan and according to the head coach of the Italian side, Podolski will be returning to Arsenal.

The 29 year old forward Lukas Podolski wanted to spark his career by making a move to Inter Milan but his revival hasn’t happened as the player still struggles to make a name for himself despite having transferred from England to Italy.

So far, Podolski has been featured in 13 appearances and has scored 1 goal.

This is not an impressive record for a player who is trying to make a statement and an impact.

On January 5 of 2015, Podolski signed a loan deal with Inter Milan as the player decided to travel abroad and perform in an Italian club for the first time of his career but it hasn’t turned out to be a good move as Roberto Mancini has already confirmed that Podolski will be returning to London at the end of the season.

Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini announced that Podolski will be making his return to Arsenal as the Italian coach said: “Not everything can happen quickly, particularly when you are moving from one country to another or from one club to another.That also applies to Podolski, who I rate as a great player and a great professional. His situation is a bit different because he’s on loan and he wants to go back to Arsenal, and that is how it will be.”

After signing with Inter Milan, one of the things that Lukas Podolski was hoping to happen was to not sit on the sidelines and have to be a back-up option. This is what has been occurring with the German forward during his time with Arsenal but unfortunately for him, but despite having transferred to Inter Milan he still has been used as a substitute player more than anything else.