27, February 2012


Denilson is not going to return to Arsenal after the loan of Sao Paulo gets over. He was not so popular in the team. He was an under achieving mid fielder in the Arsenal team. Arsenal fans are not at all worried about the fact that this particular footballer is not returning to the club.

The Arsenal manager explains that this player could not prove himself on the field. He was not at all impressive on the field. Performance of a particular player matters a lot for the club which he is representing. Moreover, he could not even pull the fans towards. So, it does not really matters for the Arsenal fans that he remains in the club or not.

It is said that this 23 year old mid fielder will continue his football career in Sao Paulo. Denilson said that he is happy to return to his former club. He also said that he enjoys playing for Sao Paulo since he can show his performance as a regular player and does not has to wait on the reserve benches. He does not even care about the fact that he has not got any fan following in Arsenal. He also adds that Arsenal manager did not gave him proper chances to prove his ability on the field.

Denilson looks much confident these days. But the red card issues are troubling him a lot. Even he is answerable to the fans of the club. He says that card issues are part of the football game and every player has to face such problems in their respective football careers. He wants to enjoy playing for Sao Paulo. He is quite comfortable in this club and also happy with the club officials. The upcoming matches can only show whether this man can prove himself or not.