7, August 2014

Dunga Signed As Brazilian Manager

Brazil failed to capture the 2014 World Cup trophy even though the squad was playing in their home turf as they got eliminated from the tournament in a disappointing manner which saw the team of Luiz Felipe Scolari having to wait at least 4 more years for them to compete against the best squads in the world and secure another World Cup title.

Following their embarrassing exit from the tournament, the head coach of the team Luiz Felipe Scolari decided to resign from managing the squad and now it has been officially announced and confirmed that Dunga will be making his return to the Brazilian for the 2nd time.

Dunga has experience coaching Brazil as he was the manager of the team back in 2006 when he managed to lift the Copa America title in 2004 and 2007 as well as lifting the Confederations Cup. It was a very impressive campaign for the Brazilian manager taking into consideration that he never had any coaching experience being in charge of a national team.

During the 2010 World Cup, Brazil reached the quarter-finals where they lost against Netherlands and Dunga was fired from his position in the team but now he has been recalled back into the squad.

Dunga is well aware of the position that the Brazilian squad is currently going through as he went on saying that his team is no longer the best one out there and the squad has to prepare themselves for the challenges that await them.

“I am immensely happy to be back. We are no longer the best. This is a project we all need to be aware of.
Everybody had a concept of football and the World Cup. We can no longer pretend to be the big guys or that we are the best. The Brazilian shirt is very much respected, but everyone wants to beat us. We have to be prepared for that. We can’t think that we’ll pull on the Brazilian shirt and win the World Cup before it’s even started.” Dunga said.