23, June 2016

Denilson wants to play in the AFC Champions League again next season

Denilson has stated that he wants to play in the AFC Champions League with his club Al Wahda next season.

He said that he was very happy playing for the club and that he would want to stay with the club next season.

Denilson still has 2 years left on his contract with Al Wahda, but he has yet to talk with the president about next season. He said that at the moment he does not know whether he will be playing for the club again next season.

Denilson has headed back to Brazil just after the end of the season as he had to undergo surgery for a problem on his knees. Indeed, this recurring problem has plagued his career so far with Al Wahda, and he would want to treat it once and for all. He said that he would be spending the next 5-6 weeks in Brazil in order to recover from the surgery. He hopes to come back to the Emirates in better form so as to help his team achieve great things next season.

Denilson admitted that he does not know what the future holds and where he will be playing next season. He said that he was happy playing for Al Wahda and that he has helped them qualified for the AFC Champions League. However, they are only qualified for the play-offs, and they have a last hurdle to clear in order to participate in the tournament.

Denilson said that he is pleased for the fans as they have not been participating in this tournament since 2011. He admitted that it was an amazing season with the club winning the qualifications against all odds. He believes that next year will be a better one and that he will do everything he can in order to help the club win trophies.