19, August 2016

Denilson to leave Al Wahda

It is becoming increasingly likely that Denilson will be leaving Al Wahda in the days to come.

Indeed, the club has announced that they will be making a marquee signing in order to replace the departing Brazilian. Denilson joined the club almost one year ago when he signed from Sao Paulo and helped the team won the Arabian Gulf final. After the final Denilson stated that he wanted to stay with the club for at least another year but it appears that there have been some changes in the relationship between the player and the club.

Al Wahda’s manager has stated that Denilson will be the only player that will be leaving the club this season as they are looking to build a competitive team to win the league as well as the Arabian Cup. He said that the club is busy negotiating the arrival of a new player that will replace Brazilian and once he is here he believes that Al Wahda will be far stronger.

The manager has refused to reveal the identity of the player and it is rumored that it might be Cardoso from Flamengo. The player has been in good form for his team where he has managed to score 17 goals in 94 games for the Brazilian club. The manager said that he cannot reveal the name of the player as they are still in the negotiation stage. He said that once the transfer is finalized, he will make a declaration.

Al Wahda is set to go on a training camp to Spain, and it is believed that the new player will only be revealed after the team returns from Spain. The managing director said that the club wants to win trophies and that the management will be investing massively in the club to help it progress.