13, November 2018

Denilson on Tite

Former Brazil international Denilson said that Tite is the right man for the job when it comes to managing the Brazilian senior team. He said that the team has been disappointing at the last World Cup where many fans were expecting them to shine and that only a coach like Tite can help the team go forward.

He does not understand how the team lost the World Cup as they had the right players to reach the final. He said that many fans were expecting them to erase the sad memories of the defeat against Germany and unfortunately the team could not achieve that.

Denilson said that the team needed some fresh ideas as well as motivation and that he is sure that Tite will be able to provide those. He believes that Tite has the experience as well as the character to deal with this situation and he is sure that he will be able to help the team.

Denilson said that the Brazil national team is on a good run since Tite took over and that he is sure that they will be able to continue like that. He believes that the objective of the team is to win the Copa America first and then focus on the next World Cup. He said that the Brazil team is undergoing a rebuilding phase and that there are a lot of young players that are looking to get a place in the team.

The former Brazil international said that there is no shortage of footballing talents in Brazil but they need to be supported well. He said that there is a lot of pressure on Brazilian players and that it is not easy for a young player to come into the team. However, he believes that TIte is the right man to guide them forward.