12, November 2016


Denilson who was once a former Arsenal favorite now plies his trade over at Cruzeiro on loan.
He was amongst players for his team AL Wahda in the United Arab Emirates, before being shipped out to Cruzeiro to make space for a new mystery signing.

The midfielder who was signed by Cruzeiro on a loan contract in mid-July to run through till December is yet to regain his physical fitness. Since coming onto the club, he has featured no more than five times.

With time no longer on his side as things are moving quickly and with less than one month to go before his loan contract ends, he either has to find a way to prove himself here at Cruzeiro or risk being shipped back to Al Wahda who might have no space for him at the club.

The board at Cruzeiro are yet to make a statement on whether they would want him to remain with them after his contract expires, and thus renew his contract.

In an interview with Radio Globo, Denílson had this to say on his future at Cruzeiro,

“Nobody called me to talk about it. At the moment, in my mind, are ending my contract with Cruzeiro in December and I go back to my team in January to end the contract, which ends in a year and a half”

In order to bring on the player into their team, Cruzeiro had to part with a sum of $250,000. However, if they plan to keep Denílson further, .

“It was four months out, just made my second game as a starter. I feel good in games, but it is question of the same rhythms. But I’m fit, I came here to work, when you need me, I’ll be available,” he added